WordPress 3.9 SMITH

WordPress Smith

WordPress has just released version 3.9 “Smith” named after the Jazz great Jimmy Smith.

The biggest thing that comes with this release is a super enhanced visual editor interface, that essentially “closes the gap” between what you see in the WordPress editor area and what the world sees when you publish. [Continue reading]

Social Media Marketing Lessons from Big Brands

budweiser puppy love

What do we know about the Superbowl? Lots, really... It is one of the largest spectacles of sport in the world - somewhere in the neighborhood of 108 million American's watched the game. The commercials are almost as big a draw as the game … [Continue reading]

20 Pictures of Sun Dogs That Will Give You Chills

Pictures of Sun Dogs

Pictures of Sun Dogs and Other New Experiences Living in the Northeast after 50 years in Southern California has been full of brand new experiences. Humidity was the first one. In Los Angeles we rarely experience rain in the summer. And on the rare … [Continue reading]

A Letter From Fred {Sweet Lorraine}

A letter from Fred - Fred Stobaugh writer of the song My Sweet Lorraine

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul ~ Judy Garland True Love For my entire life I have believed in true love. My parents certainly loved each other, but they didn't always show … [Continue reading]

6 Ways to Protect your WordPress Against Attack

6 Ways to Keep your WordPress Safe from Attack

Over the next series of articles, I will show you some ways to protect your WordPress against attack. If you are running a WordPress site you have probably had some experience with hacks or attempted hacks. They can be merely a nuisance or they can … [Continue reading]